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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to reupholster?


Every sofa and chair  is different. I can tell you that it costs  less than buying new if you are shopping for quality furniture.


If you email a picture to me, I can give you an estimate.

You can send pictures to


You could also text it to my cell phone (860)228.8482

How much fabric will I need?

A sofa can take between 14 - 18 yards. Chairs tend to take between 6 - 8 yards depending on the style of furniture, the repeat of design etc.

Can I provide my own fabric?


Will I need to replace my seat cushions?

An alternative solution would be to let me wrap the existing foam in 1" dacron. This usually brings them back into shape. There will be zippers on your cushion covers, so you could replace the foam at any time.

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