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JM Upholstery started out in the 1960's with my mother and father, John and Marge Cerrigione.

We had a store front in Tolland for a number of years.


In the 1970's my brother and I worked after school and on weekends stripping furniture, sweeping the floor, tying buttons, or what ever else needed to be done.


I guess I sort of fell into this business. I spent the next ten years learning how to reupholster furniture from my father. My mother did the sewing. She also handled sales  and provided in home decorating service. She passed away in 1987, and my father and I continued to run the business together until 1997 when he retired.


I kept the name and moved a couple of towns over to Columbia, where I've been ever since. I've been doing this over 40 years now!

My youngest son Eric helps with pick up and delivering. My wife Michele provides computer support and bookkeeping. JM Upholstery Studio was built on quality standards, and I strive to continue those standards today.


Tom Cerrigione


John Cerrigione My Father


Marge Cerrigione My Mother


Examine the Choices

Redecorating? Shopping around for new furniture?

That's great! But before you go any further you have an important decision to make. Will you buy new furniture or reupholster your present furnishings?

Examine the choices carefully for it is your furniture -

furniture that must be comfortabe and suitable to your needs for years to come.


Buying new furniture can be a risky business. That sofa you're yearning to buy may well look terrific in the showroom, but as the saying goes, "beauty is only skin deep." What's on the inside? Do you know? Is the frame sturdy; will the springs hold up under the wear and tear of your daily living? It's possible that the attractive exterior may be covering up a very defective interior.


Chances are that the factory made furniture put together on an assembly line could be less durable than the fine quality reupholstered furniture a trained craftsman can produce.


If you want quality furniture that will suite your taste, match your decor, and last a good long time, what better way to do that than to reupholster your present furniture?

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